Clear Span Structures & Winter Construction

When the contractor refurbishing this historic barn needed to keep working during the winter, the ISS team installed a custom 12m x 20m x 8.2m A-frame clear span structure to help reduce the risks associated with cold weather construction and improve worker productivity.

As any contractor will tell you – performing major construction work during the winter presents several challenges that impact job site safety, equipment and material storage, as well as worker comfort and morale.

Winter weather brings cold temperatures, snow, ice, and freezing rain, hindering construction activities and creating hazardous working conditions. Extreme cold can also cause equipment malfunctions and make it difficult to handle materials.

To mitigate the challenges of winter construction, companies may adopt specific strategies such as:

  • Planning for potential weather delays
  • Utilizing specialized winter equipment
  • Adopting alternative construction methods for cold weather conditions
  • Implementing temporary enclosures or heated workspaces

Expert Installation

With projects like this, extreme care must be taken to prevent damaging the integrity of the existing structure and surrounding property. Our project management and installation teams worked closely with the contractor to carefully consider these factors, remain sensitive to the historical significance of the original structure, and fulfill project requirements.

By leveraging the benefits of clear span structure rentals, construction companies can create a controlled and productive environment that mitigates the challenges associated with winter construction, thereby enhancing project efficiency, worker safety, and overall project success.

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Clear Span Structures : The Benefits

Weather Protection:

Clear span structures can be equipped with insulation, climate control systems, and weatherproofing measures to maintain a stable and comfortable working environment despite extreme cold, snow, or rain outside, reducing weather-related delays.

Material Storage:

Materials stored within the controlled environment of a clear span structure are protected from snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, preventing damage and ensuring that materials remain in optimal condition for use, reducing waste and project delays.

Equipment Shelter:

Cold temperatures can affect the performance and lifespan of construction equipment. Clear span structures protect machinery from harsh weather conditions, preventing weather-related breakdowns, and reducing the need for maintenance or repairs.

Worker Comfort & Safety:

Clear span structures can be outfitted with heating systems, proper ventilation, and adequate lighting, creating a comfortable and safe workspace for construction crews.

Flexibility & Scalability:

Clear span structures are modular and can be easily customized, expanded, or relocated as project needs evolve. This adaptability enables construction companies to accommodate changing requirements and optimize space utilization during winter construction projects.

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