Construction Office Trailers vs. Clear Span Structures

Which is Better for your Needs?
Mobile office trailers have been used to house construction site managers and crucial on-site paperwork for as long as these modular solutions have existed. They are rolled in, the construction project is finished, and they disappear to be stored until their next assignment.

These small mobile offices shelter operations and staff from the elements, but they have one major drawback, and that’s space. Office trailers are not very large and are only designed for a few people, and minimal furniture. Storage inside is rare beyond a single desk, a few chairs, and filing cabinets. No equipment can fit in the narrow doorway, and meetings with large crews must be held outdoors to accommodate fire safety standards.

What Clear Span Structures Can Offer Your Business

Construction is not a seasonal gig. Pouring concrete in the dead of winter, and operating heavy commercial equipment in the snow when the temperature is below freezing can be a hassle – but working under the safety and comfort of a clear span structure takes the elements out of the equation.

It’s still winter and lunch is being served – but the mobile office is cramped and by the time half of the crew has fetched a plate of warm food, the last half has to contend with cold leftovers. Had lunch been served in a larger space, everyone could have been inside the space, warm, happy and ready to eat without much of a wait – and a happy, well-fed crew is a productive crew.

Office Trailers vs. Clear Span Structures

Additionally, management and crew leads often need to deliver announcements, safety briefs, and other pertinent information to the entire team at once, but as crew leaders and other staff get pulled in many directions, doing this piecemeal one small group at a time is inefficient, tedious, and often ineffective, and management can never be 100% certain the message has been fully delivered. Holding the meeting in a clear span structure for all to hear at once gets the information out to the crew and work back on track.

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Heavy Equipment Storage

Have you ever sat on the plastic/leather seat of a steam roller or forklift that has been left in 100-degree heat? It’s never an enjoyable experience. Add to that – diesel engines don’t love the cold and starting them can be an exercise in extreme patience. Clear span structure rental is a terrific option that has been adopted by many successful construction companies that wish to store large machinery and tools out of the sun and snow.

Things to Consider

When choosing a clear span structure or office trailer, you have to ask yourself a few questions:

  • How big is the site and the necessary office staff to run it?
  • Do we have lots of expensive heavy equipment to store when not in use?
  • Will the crew appreciate an enclosed space to have breaks and lunches out of the heat or cold?
  • What will our working budget allow?

Some organizations are doing both office trailers and clear span structures, but the office trailer is seeing a serious incremental phase-out as the larger and more versatile clear span structure grows in popularity.

Successful construction companies know that happy crews work more efficiently, and today’s workers require safer, more comfortable working conditions to keep them going strong for days, weeks, and months on site. Clear span structures are not just suited for temporary office spaces, but can also serve as dining areas, meeting space, or employee break rooms. These versatile and customizable structures may just the ideal solution to keep your crew happy, safe, and productive.

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