Tension Fabric Structures for Fleet Management – Repair & Maintenance Facilities

Routine maintenance is essential for optimal performance of commercial vehicles, and performing this maintenance in-house provides companies with better control over their fleet.

Internal maintenance allows for immediate attention to issues and enables more proactive scheduling – minimizing unexpected breakdowns and reducing downtime. It also facilitates specialized training of technicians who are familiar with the company’s vehicles, leading to more efficient servicing.

Tension Fabric Structures offer a versatile solution for vehicle storage and maintenance facilities.

These structures combine fabric materials with a robust tensioning system, providing a host of benefits, including:

Quick and Cost-Effective Construction

Compared to traditional buildings, Tension Fabric Structures can be built fairly quickly and at a much lower cost. The lightweight materials and modular components enable swift assembly and disassembly, reducing construction time and costs, and making TFS feasible for businesses of all sizes.

Flexibility and Expandability

Tension fabric structures can be customized to accommodate different vehicle sizes and layouts. The open-span design maximizes usable space without interior support columns, and the modular construction allows for easy expansion or relocation, allowing you to adapt the structure to your changing business needs over time.

Energy Efficiency & Ventilation

TFS can be designed with ventilation systems to ensure adequate airflow. This reduces the risk of moisture buildup, condensation, and mold growth – improving air quality, creating a favorable environment for workers and preserving the condition of your fleet. Additionally, these structures are energy-efficient – as the fabric allows natural light transmission, reducing the need for artificial lighting and, in many cases excessive, costly heating or cooling systems.

Enhanced Durability & Protection from the Elements

These structures are highly durable and provide exceptional protection against adverse weather conditions. The high-quality fabric, made from strong materials such as PVC or ETFE,  is UV-resistant, preventing damage to vehicle exteriors and acting as a barrier against rain, snow, and hail, safeguarding vehicles from moisture-related issues.

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