Corporate client looking to build an auditorium style space to present new product launches and latest company news to employees, guest speakers and honorees.


While client had an existing auditorium on-site, the size of the space would not meet the needs of the event.  Due to a high volume of expected guests, a much larger temporary space was needed to allow all attendees to view the presentation simultaneously.


Installing a large Clearspan structure with custom blackout covers on all glass doors/door surrounds.  This would ensure a dark interior that would allow for dim lighting during the presentation.  Laser-leveled flooring systems were also used to create a level sub-floor as well as a tiered seating system that would mimic that of an auditorium.


This project used a 25mx40mx4m Clearspan structure, roughly 10,740 square feet.  The tent had white blackout tops along with presentation lighting truss hung from the A-frame beams.

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