Oil & Gas


Temporary Structures

With the challenging nature of jobsite conditions in the oil & gas industries, temporary structures are often required for everything from turnarounds to guarding against delays caused by weather and even plant shutdowns.

Our structures are perfect for remote locations where other buildings styles are not cost effective or feasible. Being that our clear span structures do not require concrete footings to be installed, they can be quickly deployed and disassembled without any lingering effect on the land they are installed on.

Unmatched Quality, Engineering Expertise & Decades of Experience in Every Project


At Industrial Structure Solutions, we understand the demanding nature of your business. Simply put if a rig is not producing well, we can remove and reinstall the clear span structures installed in a matter of days or weeks (depending on size), not months.

The portability of our structures is unmatched and when combined with their versatility, they can serve as a necessary component to your site infrastructure.