Aviation & Aerospace


Temporary Tents

Protect your aircraft with a temporary aircraft hangar. Our modular design allows us to cover aircrafts so that you can concentrate on performing necessary repairs. Create a custom operations or maintenance facility with optional accessories available such as lights, doors, and climate control.

Our structures meet all International Building Code regulations and can be installed rapidly, virtually anywhere. With widths as large as 50m (164’), leg/eve heights as high as 8m (26’), ridge heights as tall 16m (52’) and limitless expandability length wise, our structures can accommodate a variety of aircrafts.

Unmatched Quality, Engineering Expertise & Decades of Experience in Every Project

Multiple Options

Leveraging our deep understanding of the air and space industry’s unique needs, we design and deliver solutions that combine efficiency, flexibility, and safety. Our structures are not only quick to deploy but also built to last, withstanding diverse weather conditions while minimizing environmental impact.

Whether you require a sunshade, a hangar, a temporary terminal or maintenance facility, Industrial Structure Solutions have the perfect solution for you. We offer countless options to outfit your structure to meet the demands of your application. With minimal foundation requirements combined with our fast mobilization, we can have you up and running in no time at all.