HVAC & Power:


Climate-Controlled Comfort, All Year Round

Harnessing the power of advanced HVAC and power generation technologies, Industrial Structure Solutions offers a comprehensive package of climate control and energy options. Our objective is to ensure the efficient and comfortable operation of your temporary structure, irrespective of external weather conditions.

Our HVAC systems are designed to adapt to a wide range of climate requirements. In colder regions, we utilize heating options such as kerosene, propane, and electric heaters, thereby ensuring a warm and conducive environment even in snowy conditions. For hotter climates, we provide cooling options that include chiller and HVAC package units, tailored to meet the specific spatial and climatic needs of the structure.

Unmatched Quality, Engineering Expertise & Decades of Experience in Every Project

Stay Powered-Up in the Most Remote Locations

Our HVAC systems seamlessly integrate with the structure through custom-fit panels for duct transition, ensuring aesthetic appeal is not compromised. Furthermore, built-in thermostats maintain consistent indoor temperatures, enabling year-round utilization of our structures in comfort. Additionally, we offer generators and a robust power distribution system. This feature is especially useful for remote locations where access to the main power grid may be limited or unavailable. Our solutions ensure uninterrupted power supply, thereby enabling the smooth operation of your business activities, no matter the location.

In essence, our HVAC and power generation solutions provide a tailored, reliable, and efficient solution to the environmental and power requirements of your temporary structure.