Clear Span Structures:


Remarkable Resilience, Infinite Adaptability

The epitome of flexible and robust space solutions – our unique modular system offers widths from 3M (10’) to 60M (196’), with unlimited length expansion in increments of 5m (16’). This adaptability ensures a perfect fit for your spatial needs, regardless of scale. Our structures are engineered for resilience, withstanding high wind tolerances up to 150 mph+ (3 second gusts, exposure category b or c). This robustness guarantees a reliable, long-lasting space solution.

Unmatched Quality, Engineering Expertise & Decades of Experience in Every Project

Whether you’re organizing a large-scale event, expanding your business operations, or need a temporary storage solution, these structures offer a versatile alternative to traditional buildings. However, before diving into the decision to rent or buy a temporary structure, it’s essential to consider several factors to ensure you make the right choice for your needs. This guide will walk you through the critical considerations to keep in mind.

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Adaptability Meets Endurance

We offer a range of leg heights from 3m (10’) to 8m (26’), and numerous customization options. Choose from open walls or fully enclosed spaces with doors, vinyl sidewalls, insulated walls, glass or hard walls. Our structures can also be fully climate controlled through custom transition panels, ensuring year-round comfort. For colder climates, our structures can be snow loaded, and all are covered in flame-retardant vinyl fabric for safety. Access is made easy with both man and garage doors available. Choose our Clear Span Structures for a future-proof, adaptable space solution.