Temporary Flooring Solutions:


From Unsteady Ground to Steady Structures

ISS flooring solutions transform rough, uneven, and challenging terrains into smooth, flat surfaces. Whether you are dealing with a hill, an incline, or just an irregular plot, our flooring system can handle it, delivering a stable and level base for tent installation, irrespective of the existing conditions. Engineered to elevate heights up to 24 feet, these temporary flooring solutions make it possible to overcome even substantial ground variations. They’re also designed to support loads up to 160 pounds per square foot, ensuring that they can safely accommodate your event or operation, no matter its size or scale.

Unmatched Quality, Engineering Expertise & Decades of Experience in Every Project

Leveling Surfaces, Elevating Experiences

Our experts prioritize safety and compliance in all that we do. Our flooring systems are designed to meet both local and international building codes. This way, we not only ensure the structural integrity and reliability of our temporary structures but also guarantee the peace of mind of our clients, knowing they are adhering to all necessary regulations.

In essence, our engineered flooring system gives you the freedom to stage your temporary structures wherever you need them most, smoothing out the complexities of the ground beneath and creating the perfect platform for your project’s success.

  • On-grade subflooring provides a flat surface which can be covered with a variety of floor coverings or be left bare depending on its use.
  • We offer this type of flooring in both wood and plastic options.
  • Road mats are used as temporary roads that are manufactured with hi-density polyethylene (HDPE) and have a weight loading capacity of 2800 psi (or vehicles up to 80 tons).