Servicing A Wide Variety of Industries with ISS Temporary Tents and Structures

As a versatile provider serving clients across various sectors, Industrial Structure Solutions boasts a rich and diverse portfolio. We welcome you to delve into our expansive selection of industry categories, providing a glimpse into the spectrum of project types and end uses we cater to.

fabris structure hangar

Whether your needs align with the demanding safety standards of the oil & gas industry, the high-stakes responsiveness required in emergency medical services, or the operational agility vital in warehousing and logistics, we have a temporary structure solution tailored for you.

Unmatched Quality, Engineering Expertise & Decades of Experience in Every Project

Aviation & Aerospace

Aviation & Aerospace

Aircraft Safety & Flexibility: Modular hangars are compliant, customizable, and spacious enough for diverse aircraft needs.

temporary airplane hangars

Your aircraft’s shelter, tailored to your exact specifications. From repairs to operations, enjoy rapid setup, and unmatched size adaptability.




Span over buildings, host safety meetings, or provide a lunch haven for workers – versatile solutions tailored for every job site.

fabric building construction

Maximize productivity in any location. Our Temporary Structures Offer Enhanced Crew Safety, Boosted Morale, and Optimized Project Performance.


Disaster Relief & Emergency Response

Disaster Relief, Medical & Emergency Response

Bracing Against Unpredictable Challenges: Our rapid-response infrastructure recovery systems ensure you're never left in the lurch.

emergency services structures

When disaster strikes, ISS specializes in swift deployments – providing temporary structures that bridge the gap between destruction and rehabilitation.


Temporary Warehouse Structures

Logistics & Warehousing

From Weather Protection to Expanding Warehouse Needs: Your One-Stop Solution for All Logistic Challenges.

Logistics & Warehouse Structures

Modern logistics requires adaptable spaces, and we are here to support you in responding to the ever-evolving demands of modern inventory management.


oil and gas structures

Oil & Gas

Tackle challenging job site conditions with our quick-deploy structures, perfect for remote and cost-sensitive locales.

oil and gas structures

Specifically designed for remote or budget-conscious settings, these solutions ensure efficiency and adaptability, making every project manageable and productive.


Temporary Sporting Event Structures

Sports & Recreation

Versatile Sporting Venues: From multi-sport arenas to specialized event spaces - tailored, dynamic, atmosphere-enhancing solutions.

Temporary Sporting Event Structures

Our structures transform sporting events, offering custom spaces that blend rapid deployment, versatility, and comfort, ensuring each game is a memorable experience.


Every industry presents its unique set of challenges and requirements, and at ISS, we thrive on finding the perfect fit for each. Our team of experts, armed with years of experience, is committed to understanding your specific project needs and proposing the most fitting, efficient temporary structure products that adhere to your industry’s standards.

With our clients and trusted partners in a broad range of industries, ISS has a diverse portfolio. Browse our selection of industry categories to explore different possible end uses and a variety of project types. We look forward to finding temporary structure products that fit the unique requirements of your project and cater to the needs of your industry.

At ISS, we are eager to explore the possibilities with you, align our solutions to your expectations, and embark on a journey of successful project completion. Your success is our mission!

Don’t let the complexities of your project or the specificities of your industry hold you back. Reach out to us today at 1-888-875-0770.