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Driving Projects to Success

An on-site project manager wears many hats in their role and takes ownership of each project to ensure that it runs efficiently and effectively.  In short, they act as a liaison between clients and ISS staff, even vendors at times, to maintain communication throughout, be attentive to timelines, and responsive to changes.  Preparation often begins for project managers long before a scheduled installation, but it is their on-site presence on large-scale projects that can be paramount.

Unmatched Quality, Engineering Expertise & Decades of Experience in Every Project

Precision Planning, Efficient Execution.

In preparation for a large-scale project, Project Managers are often involved in many preliminary steps including site surveys, the development of production timelines, and collaborations with our in-house draftsperson to create accurate drawings.  These are just a few examples, as the initial work that leads up to an installation is key to its success.  They may also have a hand in permitting documents, implementation of on-site protocols, and credentials, when needed.  Once actively on-site, they will act as the main point of contact for everyone present, including our internal team as well as our client’s team to keep a steady flow of communication and progress throughout the project.