Seamless Planning with ISS:


Proactive Site Consultations

Our Project Managers are ready to meet your team and get eyes on your site! Site consultation is an important step in the planning process. Our projects are typically larger in scale than the average tent rental and it is imperative that we understand the space where we’ll be installing. This allows us to stay ahead of potential on site surprises on the first day of a build and stay focused on the objective

Unmatched Quality, Engineering Expertise & Decades of Experience in Every Project

Precision Planning, Efficient Execution

Site consultations give us the opportunity to take essential measurements, understand how other existing structures relate to the project, take photos, and meet POC’s, as just a few examples. While we can provide virtual site visits preliminarily to help get the ball rolling on a project, a site consultation helps us ensure accuracy in our proposals and a more efficient first day on site.