Clear span structure rentals are available with a variety of wall options – including clear or white vinyl walls, hard walls, and glass walls. Hard walls are made of a solid material, such as PVC, and provide a more permanent look for your structure. Glass walls offer an elegant look and can create a feeling of spaciousness. Some of the benefits of using hard walls for your tent rental include:

A More Permanent Feel & A Greater Sense of Space

Hard walls provide a polished and more permanent feel for a temporary structure, which come in both PVC and glass. Glass walls also allow natural light to flow through the structure, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. Both options can elevate a structure and fill a more specific need than vinyl walls.

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Increased Privacy & Security

Adding hard walls and/or glass walls to a clear span structure can also provide added security when needed, depending on the end use application. The walls can provide a sense of privacy and security – they can act as a visual barrier, preventing people from seeing into the structure or walking through it. This can be especially important if you are housing high-value items for long-term storage or hosting employees for a function where privacy is essential.

Branding Options

Hard and glass walls create extensive options for corporate branding and the application of custom graphics, allowing you to fully customize your structure, inside and out.

Better Climate Control & Protection from the Elements

One of the key benefits of using clear span structures is their ability to protect from the elements, often a concern for outdoor operations and events. Using hard walls and/or glass walls in an expanded office space or temporary warehouse can also be crucial to keeping employees and associates comfortable, and climate control costs lower, as hard walls are far more energy efficient than their vinyl counterparts – particularly in cold winter conditions.

Combining Multiple Styles

The structure pictured here uses a combination of front-facing hard glass walls with glass doors and white vinyl walls on the sides and rear. Mixing wall styles can be helpful to meet budgeting, aesthetic, and/or functionality needs.

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With their sleek look, increased privacy and security features, and better climate control, clear span structures with hard and glass walls can be the perfect choice for a variety of events and applications.