The industrial client was in dire need of a tailored solution to cover a large, 6-lane loading area, aiming for a structure that would ensure both employee and product safety, while enhancing organizational efficiency during loading times. ISS, renowned for crafting innovative solutions, rose to the occasion with a well-conceived plan to address these multifaceted challenges.


Every aspect of the design focused on durability and functionality, ensuring that the structure would withstand a variety of environmental conditions while promoting efficient operations. The well-being of employees was a core focus, resulting in a design that prioritized safe and efficient workspaces in each lane.

The protective needs of the products were also a top priority. The ISS solution ensured that every item remained shielded from adverse weather conditions, maintaining their quality from the warehouse to transportation. This protective haven for products was intricately designed to uphold integrity at every stage of the loading process.

Unmatched Quality, Engineering Expertise & Decades of Experience in Every Project


ISS delivered a long-term, durable structure that transformed the loading area into a hub of operational efficiency and safety. Every lane was designed with the utmost precision, offering a harmonious blend of safety and efficiency. The final structure stood as a testament to ISS’s commitment to delivering quality, precision, and safety, ensuring that each loading and unloading process unfolded seamlessly, and every product and employee was accorded the protection and efficiency they deserved.


Each solution by ISS is meticulously crafted to not just meet but exceed the client’s expectations, transforming operational challenges into streamlined, efficient processes.This project used a 25mx65mx4m Clearspan structure, roughly 17,460 square feet.  Ballasts were vertically stacked to save space, as well as provide additional support behind each tent leg, acting as bollards.