When businesses find themselves temporarily running low on space for employees, the versatility of clear span structures or tension fabric structures becomes an instrumental part of the solution. These structures are quickly deployable, offering a swift response to the increased demand for break space during high-volume periods. Weather-resistant and climate-controlled, they ensure a comfortable atmosphere regardless of the seasonal changes.

The Application

In response to the client’s specific needs, an outdoor break space becomes an invaluable asset, particularly during peak periods when indoor capacities are stretched thin. To address this, a tailored solution is crafted to provide not just additional space but an environment that is conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation amidst busy schedules. For this client – an outdoor break space is required during high volume times of year when indoor break space is limited.

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The Details

This 40’x80’ weighted frame tent installed next to the employee parking lot and adjacent to the main building served as an ideal solution. A plywood subfloor with turf covering created a nice level surface to adjust for the natural grade on the property and low-profile LED lighting was installed to illuminate the space for evening-shift employees.

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Long-Term Tenting & Flooring Rental

At Industrial Structure Solutions, we understand the importance of having adequate space for your employees, and the importance of being able to scale your space during particularly busy times of the year. When indoor space is limited, a temporary structure can be the perfect solution – a great way to add more space without the expense of new construction.