One of the hardest parts of running any business is dealing with things you have no control over, like the weather. From freezing temperatures to excessive heats, the weather outside can create conditions that aren’t conducive with getting work done well or for storing and protecting any materials, products, tools, or equipment.

The weather can actually cost you time and money, by damaging goods and decreasing your overall productivity. The good news is, there are solutions available that can minimize or even eliminate the weather-related risk posed to your equipment and products.

Temperature-controlled storage offers an effective way to store your products and other goods without having to worry about the weather. It provides you with a simple way to manage and store your things without concern, whether it’s cold or hot out.

How Weather Can Affect Stored Items

When you are storing your items inside a building or tent that is not temperature-controlled, your goods are at risk for a number of issues, including moisture, warping, and rusting. This can be devastating for you and your business, sometimes costing thousands of dollars for repairs or replacement.


Humidity and cold, wet temperatures can seep into a structure and affect the items inside, causing moisture to build up and create dampness. This moisture has the ability to damage the items you have stored inside and can even lead to mold or mildew.


If temperatures outside are hot, expect a non-temperature-controlled storage facility to heat up big time. The heat can cause warping to anything made of wood or plastic, which can damage the items beyond repair.


Humidity, heat, or freezing temperatures and wet conditions can cause your stored items to rust. This can be devastating to electronics, tools, and other equipment that you are keeping in your storage facility.

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Benefits of Temperature-Controlled Storage

Instead of leaving your goods at the mercy of the elements, you can rent a storage tent that is temperature-controlled and able to provide protection. Here are just some of the benefits of storing your items in a temperature-controlled storage facility:

Prevention of Moisture, Warping, and Rust

With temperature-controlled storage, you don’t have to worry about the weather causing moisture to gather on your items. You also don’t need to be concerned with warping, rust, or any other potential weather-related issues. A temperature-controlled storage tent ensures that it stays temperate under the shelter, keeping things free from the physical affects of weather.

Helps Minimize Dust

While dust and other debris can get into any facility, it settles less often when there is air flow and movement. With temperature-controlled storage, the air will continuously move, preventing much of the dust and debris from settling on your goods.

Keeps Pests Away

Pests love inhabiting spaces that are moist, mildewy, and dusty. Most storage units typically fit the bill. These pests can get into your stuff and cause loads of damage, destroying fabrics, materials, and more. They can also be next to impossible to get rid of.

With temperature-controlled storage, you are able to create a dry and comfortable environment that isn’t ideal for pests. This will help to keep those pesky critters and bugs away from your stuff.

Temperature-Controlled Storage Facilities

If you’re going to keep your personal or commercial goods and equipment in storage, you’ll want find a space that is temperature-controlled. This will help to keep your things protected and safe from damage that can occur in facilities without temperature control.

Climate-controlled rental facilities can be used for special events, sports events, concerts, parties, and more. They are also the perfect choice for storage because they provide your goods with protection from the elements.