When looking into a temporary warehouse solution, there are a number of possibilities for businesses to choose from. Still, as far as building design goes, it’s hard to come by a more sensible option than the utilization of a clear span structure in the capacity of a warehouse tent.

These fabric structures deliver a reliable, high-quality storage tent that is still incredibly cost-effective.

Often overlooked in the building market, fabric structures can provide an ideal storage solution for any operation. Whether short- or long-term, warehouse tents employ versatile design features that allow them to fit the needs of virtually any market.

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions about fabric storage buildings, along with their answers, so operations can make an informed decision regarding their warehouse facility.

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How Much Can I Store in a Temporary Warehouse Structure?

The storage capabilities of a fabric structure are practically limitless. Whether they are built around a truss frame or an I-beam frame, fabric warehouse tents provide spacious interiors that are ideal for bulk storage applications.

The truss frame can be constructed up to 300’ wide and at any length. It requires no interior support posts, so operations benefit from wide-open spaces without obstructions. This frame is also designed to provide naturally tall clearances that allow machinery and equipment to easily maneuver throughout a warehouse structure.

With an I-beam frame, warehouse tents can be constructed to any size. Featuring one of the most dependable designs on the market, operations on even the largest scale can use this frame to create their ideal warehouse structure.

What Can Be Stored in a Temporary Warehouse Structure?

From sand and salt to valuable equipment, businesses can reliably store just about anything inside of fabric warehouse tents. Each steel frame is backed by an industry-leading warranty and offers valuable corrosion-resistance. As a result, warehouse tents can easily store caustic materials and stand up to the most demanding environments.

Operations can even bolster their warehouse tents with hard walls made of glass or PVC allowing maximum use of space and storing materials of any kind right up against the edges of a warehouse structure. Hard wall options also provide enhanced privacy and security.

Can I Customize My Fabric Warehouse Structure?

With custom and turnkey designs, as well as an extensive line of accessories, operations can tailor their warehouse structure around all of their specific needs. A custom designed warehouse structure gives each business peace of mind knowing they are getting their ideal storage building.

Customization options include various flooring and sidewall applications, HVAC, power generation, and lighting. These innovative clear span structure warehouse tents can be enhanced in ways that would make it difficult to know that you were standing in a temporary structure at all!