Commercial tents are a popular choice in many industries that require temporary coverage, or expansion of an existing space, without the immense overhead of commercial construction. Many times these tents end up being life savers as they provide shade and protection from the elements, as well as security for businesses, customers, equipment and products.

Any business that is going to rent a commercial tent structure long-term will need to make sure they are renting one that is well-made and worthwhile, making learning about high-quality, superior commercial tents essential.

When it comes to temporary long-term solutions, commercial clear span structures are an ideal option. ISS’ clear span structures are strong and well-built vinyl-top structures that have the durability needed to serve a wide variety of businesses and needs. They provide comfortable and secure coverage for any application whether outdoors or indoors, and are a lower-cost, and overall hassle-free option for your business.

Our structure commercial tents are built with strong, long-lasting materials and offer a spacious interior design.

Take a closer look at ISS fabric structures and why they are the top choice for commercial tents:

ISS Fabric Structures Provide Spaciousness and Comfort

With the well-designed fabric structure of our commercial tents, businesses can create a large open space for any retail environment or temporary office expansion. Whenever a business needs a large, covered space, it’s important for that space to have a pleasant environment that reflects the heart and soul of that business. Any space the business uses is a reflection of who they are, what they offer, and their overall culture and brand.  Long-term temporary structure rentals from Industrial Structure Solutions provide both space and comfort for employees and guests.

Unmatched Quality, Engineering Expertise & Decades of Experience in Every Project

ISS clear span structures are built with a strength and durability that makes them perfect for long-term office space, retail applications, temporary warehouses, and long-term storage. Every aspect of the commercial tent rental is carefully designed and crafted to ensure stability, climate control, and privacy when needed.

Our vinyl coverings are strong and versatile, translucent, and breathable material, allowing natural light to shine through the tent, which adds to the comfortable atmosphere and reduces lighting costs. This breathable material also helps ventilation and prevents the stuffiness and discomfort that can often plague commercial buildings and warehouses.

ISS fabric covers are also sensitive to climate, ensuring a comfortable temperature underneath. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, those inside the tent will always enjoy a nicer temperature with smooth air flow. Climate control solutions can be added as well, giving the end user total control of the temperature inside the structure.

Long-Lasting Commercial Tents

Standard rental tents are often built with inexpensive and low-quality materials for temporary use, making them a poor investment. Industrial Structure Solutions offers commercial clear span structures that are intentionally crafted to stand the test of time. They are strong, well-built structures that last for decades, making them a worthwhile investment.