Clear Span Structures from Industrial Structure Solutions

Because they allow for 100% usable space and an unobstructed work environment, heavy-duty clear span tent structures create an ideal solution for commercial drive lane applications. Industrial Structure Solutions offers long-term tent rentals like this one to keep your team safely out of the elements when working outdoors.

The Application

For this unique project, the client faced a distinct challenge – providing adequate weather protection for both vehicles and operations staff who were tasked to work outdoors over an extended duration. The unpredictable nature of weather conditions presented potential hurdles in maintaining optimal productivity and ensuring the well-being of the team. Addressing this, Industrial Structure Solutions proposed a tailor-made solution deploying our resilient clear span structures. Engineered to withstand various weather conditions, these structures emerged as the ideal choice for ensuring uninterrupted operations while offering the required protection.

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The Details

This 25mx65mx4M structure was weighted with ballasts as opposed to tent stakes in order to protect the integrity of the client’s parking lot, and installed over the drive lane, creating an efficient and well-protected work zone.

The vinyl and gable hardware were removed to allow for maximum height clearance for vehicles. The structure was installed without walls to accommodate proper air circulation in high-traffic scenarios.

Additionally, this long-term clear span structure rental was installed overnight to avoid impacting daytime operations and was provided to the client for a span of seven months.

Long-Term Commercial Tent Rental

Industrial Structure Solutions offers long-term tent rentals like this one to keep your team out of the elements when working outdoors – designed with your team’s safety and productivity in mind.

This long-term clear span structure installation was a success thanks to the hard work of our dedicated project management and installation teams. This project is a great example of how Industrial Structure Solutions can provide a cost-effective solution to your industrial or commercial needs.