When it comes to maximizing visibility and height, a clear span structure is the best way to go. By installing your structure without gable ends, you can make the most of your available space by providing additional clearance. At Industrial Structure Solutions, we offer clear span structure rentals in a variety of styles and sizes that will meet your site-specific needs.

The Application:

Removing a clear span structure’s gable end vinyl and hardware creates a safe and ideal solution for the end-user, without sacrificing the stability of the structure. The adaptability of clear span structures lies in their engineering brilliance – a harmonious blend of functionality and structural integrity. Even with the gable ends removed, the robust framing and anchoring systems ensure that the structure stands resilient against diverse weather conditions and operational demands. End-users benefit from this customization, enjoying enhanced natural lighting, ventilation, or ease of access, essential for varied applications like events, warehousing, or aviation. Every modification is executed following a comprehensive assessment, ensuring safety, structural resilience, and optimal performance. The removal process is guided by stringent safety protocols, ensuring that both the immediate environment and the broader structural ecosystem are unharmed and functionally enhanced.

gable-free clear span structure drawing

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The Details:

For this project, the client required a high-traffic pedestrian walkway to be covered to protect employees from the elements. However, ensuring unobstructed visibility both inside and outside of the building provided a unique challenge. This, in addition to ensuring we cleared the security sensors and cameras.

Clear span tents have robust engineering, making it much more stable in windy conditions and the weather elements. This tent style also eliminates the need for any interior support. Additionally, without the need for extra supports, clear span tents can be made significantly taller or wider than traditional tents. This makes them an ideal choice for locations and venues with limited space, as well as drive lane installations where vehicle height and clearance are a concern.

Clear Span Structure Rental

Industrial Structure Solutions offers clear span structure rentals that provide a safe and productive environment for your team working outdoors.

Installing a long-term structure is a great way to enhance your venue or office to maximize space without the overhead of permanent construction. Our dedicated project management and installation teams are here to help you get the most out of your available space, no matter what your needs may be.