Portal beams provide extra stability to a clear span fabric structure, without sacrificing the open space between tent bays. This can be imperative for heavy-duty commercial tent applications such as this loading dock installation.

The Application

For this project, the client required a loading dock canopy that would allow delivery vehicles to pull under the tent daily – making the use of standard cross braces less than optimal as they would block alternating bays. Our clear span structure with portal beams was the perfect solution as it allowed for full access to all bays while providing enhanced stability.

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The Details:

The use of portal beams in place of cross braces is a unique solution that opens up the tent bays and avoids the blockage that would normally be caused in commercial tents utilizing multiple bays. This structure with portal beams allowed the client to have a tent that could withstand the daily use of delivery vehicles while providing full access to all bays, while the heavy-duty fabric roof system protected employees and vehicles from the elements, providing the perfect solution for this loading dock application.

Commercial Tent Rental

The clear span design allows you to take advantage of every square foot of space in your industrial tent – something that is especially important if you plan on using the tent for storage purposes, as a loading dock, or as a covered drive lane – and because our clear span structures do not require internal support posts, you have complete freedom when it comes to layout and use of the space.